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The Employee Experience and Your Organization

In today’s economy, there are many opportunities for skilled individuals. This job market offers employees the freedom to be selective in choosing the perfect job for them. The motivation behind their choice depends on many factors – pay, opportunities for growth, rewarding work, flexibility, social interactions, manager communications, and more. These factors are all elements […]

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Is Employee Connection Being Prioritized

Is Employee Connection Being Prioritized? Research finds that employees who receive consistent connection and recognition are more engaged, motivated, and likely to remain with your organization. Yet, in many organizations, employees find themselves falling under the radar – experiencing inconsistency in employee treatment or even feeling ignored. Because of these experiences, there could be a […]

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The Importance of Employee Experience in Culture

The Importance of Employee Experience in Culture Culture is the backbone of your organization; it is the character and personality behind the way things are done and affects each and every employee, every day. A positive culture supports your organization’s mission, vision, and values, and delivers a positive employee experience. Employees today are looking for […]

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3 Reasons Employee Engagement Is Declining

3 Reasons Employee Engagement is Declining & How Managers Can Improve It Article from Forbes.com Employee engagement is one of those management attributes that can be hard to define. Different companies characterize it differently, but there’s one thing they pretty much all agree on: They do want engaged employees. Why? Engaged employees are usually more […]

Happy Holidays from Incentive Services

The holidays are an important time to slow down and express gratitude for the people that make an impact on your life.   At work, at home, and everywhere we go – we have the opportunity to do or say something to make a difference in someone’s day.   Today, we would like to take […]

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How Incentives Impact Emotions

How Incentives Impact Emotions When it comes to tapping into the emotions that make recognition/incentive programs work, businesses have noted that tangible, non-cash rewards do a better job of attracting and holding people’s interest, getting them excited about possibilities, and motivating them to act in a way that meets business objectives. The theory is that, […]

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Employees Are Being Ignored

Employees are being ignored – and it’s tanking their performance. Employee productivity is an ongoing concern for organizations around the world. Managers, CEOs, and HR executives are constantly looking for ways and means of driving effective performance while improving levels of engagement. You can invest in all the expensive and complex schemes you like and […]