Employee engagement has long been a concern in the U.S. workforce, but — perhaps now more than ever — it represents a vital component of employee attraction and retention. For the modern workforce, an engaging work environment is a fundamental expectation, a baseline requirement. Many employees refuse to settle for an organization that does not strategically prioritize engagement.

Creating a culture of engagement requires more than completing an annual employee survey and then leaving managers on their own, hoping they will learn something from the survey results that will change the way they manage. It requires an organization to take a close look at how critical engagement elements align with their performance development and human capital strategies.

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Incentive Services University (ISU) is the educational arm of Incentive Services. ISU was established to provide organizations with information and support services on Employee Engagement, the psychology of Motivation, and the core elements of Performance Management.

Recognition for length of service is frequently used as a foundation of employee engagement strategies.

In fact, studies show that 87% of organizations have programs in place for recognizing employee length of service. These programs reward the dedication of employees who have built a career within the organization and strengthen the connection between organization and employee.

Research indicates that employees who feel valued by their organization express job satisfaction, performing to their full potential for reduced turnover. Contact us today to learn more about service recognition and how it can impact your overall employee engagement strategy!


Celebrate employee years of service milestones with a personalized symbol of gratitude for their commitment and dedication.


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