Recognizing Key Events - Spot Cards

Is your organization making the most of opportunities to recognize your employees this year? Employees who are recognized regularly throughout the year feel appreciated and valued, which is proven to increase motivation and productivity. Establishing a Recognition Program with a wide range of initiatives that support organizational goals and values will help drive a positive […]

Circles Of Influence Post Banner

There is no greater motivation than knowing that others believe in you. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all intrinsically motivated and not dependent on external influences? It would be the perfect situation – everyone trying their hardest, focused on the loftiest goals and not quitting until the goals were achieved. This is a […]

4 Tips For A Successful Incentive Program

Help employees set and exceed goals, build brand loyalty, and retain valuable talent. Align the program with company objectives: Align your incentive program with organizational goals to ensure that employees are focusing on business priorities and success. Communicate effectively: It’s essential that program goals and details be communicated to participants through conversations with managers, an […]

Keeping Incentives Exciting - Employee Engagement

How do you keep your team focused on success and motivated to achieve incremental goals? Just like any campaign, you need to market your program to make it work! Make program objectives clear by promoting them regularly. Creative themes, emails and printed materials will draw attention, increasing program visibility and participation! Keep spiffs and campaigns […]

Building A Well-Planned Recognition Program for Your Organization

How do you build a recognition program to shape and impact the culture of your business? At the end of the day, it’s pretty simple – show your employees that you value their contributions, and watch engagement levels rise. Studies show that well-planned recognition programs not only help engage employees, but also directly impact your […]

Urban Ventures Serves Minneapolis

Incentive Services proudly supports Urban Ventures. Urban Ventures is one of the charitable organizations we support with time and financial assistance. Members of our Incentive Services team volunteer weekly to assist in Urban Ventures after school academic tutoring programs. Urban Ventures is more than an after school center, it’s a progressive urban campus dedicated to […]

Moving The Middle - Employee Engagment

What are you doing to motivate your entire team to achieve more? Offering inspiring and attainable incentives to your entire team, not just top players, is key to steady, incremental growth. By setting goals and motivating all members of your team, you reinforce positive behaviors and encourage growth at every level. How do you do […]