How do you build a recognition program to shape and impact the culture of your business? At the end of the day, it’s pretty simple – show your employees that you value their contributions, and watch engagement levels rise.

Studies show that well-planned recognition programs not only help engage employees, but also directly impact your company’s bottom line.

Some steps commonly taken to improve Employee Recognition Programs include:

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Taking a Strategic Approach by slowing down and building a single, aligned Recognition Program. This will ensure consistency and maximum program impact across the organization.

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Emphasizing Core Value Reinforcement, which links employee recognition to something concrete, helps to reinforce behaviors important to your organization and build a culture of engagement.

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Incentive Services proudly supports Urban Ventures.

Urban Ventures is one of the charitable organizations we support with time and financial assistance. Members of our Incentive Services team volunteer weekly to assist in Urban Ventures after school academic tutoring programs.

Urban Ventures is more than an after school center, it’s a progressive urban campus dedicated to changing the lives of its kids and it truly is all about the kids. From sports and recreation programs, to enhancing opportunities for academic success, and job training through technology mentoring programs, Urban Ventures continues to aggressively reach out to a community in need, to kids in need, and it’s working.

Urban Ventures has been serving the Central and Phillips neighborhoods in South Minneapolis for over 24 years. Urban Ventures provides programs after school and in the evenings to keep kids off the streets, to do better in school, and just to have fun in a safe environment.

They also have family programs to help moms and dads. Urban Ventures programs are open to all, and include a great ethnic mix that represents the neighborhood in which Urban Ventures serves.

The Urban Ventures Learning Lab is a year round comprehensive academic enrichment program for students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The labs primary goal is to empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders through academic excellence and personal growth.

Students are provided academic assistance from licensed teachers, nutritious meals, transportation, sports clinics and tutoring all for free.

Incentive Services is happy to be a part of what Urban Ventures is doing in our community. Incentive Services contribution of time and resources to Urban Ventures is one of the ways we invest in the future of our community while seeing the results of reinforcing academic excellence and personal growth.

What are you doing to motivate your entire team to achieve more?

Offering inspiring and attainable incentives to your entire team, not just top players, is key to steady, incremental growth. By setting goals and motivating all members of your team, you reinforce positive behaviors and encourage growth at every level.

How do you do this? Setting up a visible and strategic incentive program is a great start. With the support of leadership, you can run engaging spiffs towards exciting incentives. Drive your team to achieve with an easy to execute incentive program from Incentive Services!

Experiment with different incentives to identify what best motivates your team. When you find a successful motivator – run spiffs that encourage everyone to win by reaching incremental goals!

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